Saturday, January 29, 2011

Year 2000: Age 14-Cross Over To Survival

(Mom got sick, I ran away from school and eventually home, too)

Land Of the Midnight Sun
The river runs
is sure to flow
as blue, as crisp
under happiness glow

In summer cool and fresh
in winter specked with ice
run away with your heart
keep the memory light

The meadow blooms with daisies
and berries shaped like bells
laughing is the child
as he runs toward the fells

With this everlasting charm
our hearts can beat as one
with closed eyes we smile and whisper
"Land of the Midnight Sun"

Dropping Out (of school)

I heard it once it rang times three
pointlessly so dear to me

'Twas black and white
but then so blue
I couldn't do what they could do

So I lie on this hammock
think, think, thinking
'bout splendors…
as the stars are blinking

Round the next morning
I'm still awake
but shaking afraid
of what is at stake

Utopian Lie

He watched it and he cheered aloud
to show the colour, you do the task
with shining glory and laughing crowd
and the face behind the smiling mask

The hungry, eager on a rock
trying to grow on the waves
and as the exterior that fades
to destroy the hearts and rise the spades
To bar out the windows and shut out the light
then light their torches; holding high
oh, with all their Utopian might
as they all stand and live; The Lie


Standing in the rain
walking through the meadow, conscious
hear the river run
it speaks of presence, not of function

Crying in the rain
soaking, dripping, pining
can't you feel my pain?
as you keep on shouting

Running in the wind
laughing as it pushes gently
fearful as it pulls and pins
and whispers quietly

Drifting in the clouds
rising, sinking, as we lie
mindful, making vows
and begging for an answered day

Dying With The Sun

I am shaking

The rain
is falling
won’t shine
like the dew

As I wonder
where is
an answer

To my questions
or are they just questions?

Or stones
to step on
not smooth

For now it seems
like the clock won't stop ticking

For better or worse
I lie on the floor

Like a lion
so angry

Like a kitten
so helpless

Like a piece of me
is dying with the sun

A Soul Shining Through

The window to the soul
may gleam when beckoned
and from inside to out
your soul must wear

all colours that are yours
not red, not blue
not something you can see
not theirs, your true

original and once,
not theirs, yours only

And see you shall the light
when you know your colours
and lift you, shall the light
when you show your colours

Clear Water

Clear water
transparent and blue
asks your soul
to unsurface what's true

Clear water
if kept as created
reflects the sun
not the hatred

Clear water
reveals cast shadows
fishing hooks
and messages channeled

Clear water
is now scarcely found
in the quest for indulgence
we shall risk being drowned

The Mirror Has Shattered

The mirror has shattered
on the floor
the image uncertain
the lock on the door

Oh, my feet are numb
and my hands are cold
my lips are chapped
and my visions behold

To a sun that's indifferent
and hidden by rain
as I cry for the feelings
that I can't explain

I wanted to help myself
but hurt took control
and self-destruction
is now on a roll

Copyright © N.M.Rose Guedes 2011 (originals 2000)

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