Saturday, January 29, 2011

Year 1998/99: Age 13-Gotta Break Away from Broken

(First and only year of high school)
Where is mine?

Do I want to try today
must I listen to what you say
I cannot change what is not mine
I cannot decide, demean or define
I cannot quell my ambitious ways
how long are the days I wander this maze
to the end of the line
where is mine?


The beach is wet sandpaper
And the shore is spilled champagne
the sun is free fire in an airless atmosphere
and the warm evening breeze
gently strokes her face
for she is alone on this island
although she has animals around her
and the people are gone
she'll be healthy and strong
til the solitude slowly kills her


A frustrated girl
if she lost of her will
a shrill cry would pierce eardrums
and bitter blood would spill
she'd be brought to the attention of those
supposed to love her
a screaming inflection
a plea for affection
now held at the mercy
of the angels at the gate

My Little Corner

There I sat in my little corner
staring up at the world
and the wide open door
moving forward an inch
and back one, to cringe
raindrops fell
and the impossible called
to say "move out you must;
little corner, collect dust"

We Spin

Dawn after dawn
we spin, we spin
as we share our light
east to west

And from young to old
we live and die
on life's path,
we walk along

At the heart of the path
we'll love and cry
and try to make the best
of what is

Cause what is shapes the road
the good, the bad
and time
and how long is that?

And as time flows on
we'll rise and fall
the race will go on
or is it a race?

And as we struggle for breath
we're behind and ahead
but to God
we are who we are

The Bad Book

She's wearing silk lace
to match her pretty white face

That girl is a disgrace!
for her heart has no sense
she drapes herself in gifts
at other people’s expense

While she doesn't care for them
she's a flower with no stem

A bad book with a lovely cover
needing discipline from her mother

Copyright © N.M.Rose Guedes 2011 (originals 1998 and 1999)

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