Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Painful Adolescence In Poetry: Preface

A Painful Adolescence In Poetry.

I didn't have much as a teen; and I had big dreams. From a broken home, with a sick mother and very little money; I had come to the place of a shattered heart. So I left school at 14, moved from place to place and job to job. One of the only things I had with me at all times was my poetry journal.

The skills I acquired, and the feelings I expressed both kept me alive and led me to my life's passion; composing and singing music. As I read back I realize what could've been and what wasn't. The potential, without the support and stability. There is some grief.

Eventually, the woman who I had to become regressed into a reckless party girl. I barely survived that. My life was threatened and now my health has come to be sensitive. However; being forced to be healthy is the greatest blessing-in-disguise gift that can be given. I have learned a great deal about the wonders of natural health. I look back on the things I thought I knew; and realized I had fallen through the cracks…

Today I know that I have, and have always had, Asperger Syndrome. I'm beginning a new beginning. For my body, for my family, for the music and with hope that others can one day benefit from my experiences. The girl in this poetic memoir is a dark, sullen shadow, crying quietly behind me. I hope to put her to some rest, by releasing these words from her heart.

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